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4K Hexa Chroma Drive
DVB-T2 and Hbb TV Ready
4K 2200Hz Backlight Motion rate
Studio Color HCX2
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Quad-Core Pro

Price: S$2099.00 S$2999.00

Save: S$900.00


RESOLUTION 3,840 (W) x 2,160 (H)
DIMENSIONS ( W x D x H ) 1290 x 1103 x 446 mm (Max) / 1290 x 833 x 446 mm (Min)
WEIGHT 30.5 kg


Supreme 4K PRO HDR Quality and Advance Smart Functions

A 4K PRO HDR TV that features 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro to ensure that pictures look exactly as the filmmakers' vision, while the flexible "Switch Design" allows to suit any environment.

4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro

A Full Colour Palette Shows Off the Superb Detail of 4K Picture Quality

Colour reproduction is an important element in high-resolution 4K picture quality. Thanks to a wider colour coverage and professional processing technology with 6-colour reproduction, we have realised reference 4K picture quality that satisfies even Hollywood movie creators. This stunning quality invites you to the ultimate of viewing.

Super Bright Panel Plus

Boosts Brightness to Make Pictures Look Crisper and More Dynamic

LCD TVs aren’ t usually very bright when set up to look their best, due to the types of light they use and the need to limit brightness to aid contrast. Super Bright Panels solve this problem via a combination of a new panel-driving system, a panel structure that lets light through more easily, and a highly efficient backlight system.


Ready to Playback High Dynamic Range Content with Life-like Highlights

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television.

Local Dimming

Enhanced Blacks for a More Natural Picture

The new generation of high brightness LCD panels are great for boosting colours and vibrancy. But they can only truly improve contrast if you can control their brightness in dark picture areas. Local dimming makes this possible by letting separate clusters of a TV's backlights output different brightness levels, so brightness can be reduced for dark areas without compromising the intensity of bright areas.

Smart TV

Enjoy a Variety of Entertainment Content on Your TV

Connect your television to the internet to enjoy movies and TV shows from video on demand services, as well as web browsing and useful apps, all on the big screen.

Switch Design

Swivel function is designed to suit any environment

With Swivel functionality, the Panasonic EX750 always offers the perfect viewing angle. So wherever you make yourself comfortable, you’ll always have the best seat in the house with our "Switch Design".