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Home Purifier with Aroma Essential Oil Worth $79. While Stocks Last. 

*With every purchase of M81Pro, M88, OZMO 600, R95, R98 & WINBOT 950.
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Wet + Dry Mopping
Anti-Drop Sensor
4H Charging Time; 90Min Run Time
Time Scheduling
Auto ; Edge; Spot and Max Mode
Smart Move

Price: S$629.00

Home Purifier worth $79 (Agent Redeem)


DIMENSIONS ( W x D x H ) 340 x 340 x 77.5 mm
WEIGHT 4.2 kg



ECOVACS DEEBOT M88 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Add a modern, efficient floor cleaning robot to your house cleaning arsenal—DEEBOT M88. Featuring proprietary SMART MOVE technology, DM88 simulates a human cleaning pattern on bare floors for maximum efficiency, and has a powerful suction motor that includes an additional MAX mode for deep cleaning. DM88 also comes with the ECOVACS APP, so you can control your DEEBOT at home or away.

Advanced Cleaning Path Technology

DM88 combines the advantages of SMART MOVE and SMART MOTION technology to provide exceptional cleaning! SMART MOVE technology enables DM88 to simulate a human cleaning pattern on bare floors, while SMART MOTION technology ensures that persistent debris on carpets is removed!

5-Stage Cleaning with an Optional Advanced Wet/Dry Mop

DM88 is a multifunctional floor cleaning robot, featuring a 5-stage cleaning system. First, the side brushes sweep the floor and the main brush lifts dirt towards the center of the suction inlet so it's easily vacuumed up. Then, the advanced wet/dry mopping system with an integrated water reservoir dampens the cloth pad, mops the floor and dries it to a bright clean.

Smartphone Control

Download the ECOVACS APP on your smartphone and operate your DEEBOT from anywhere! The user-friendly APP allows you to: - Schedule or start an automatic cleaning - Select cleaning modes and optional MAX suction mode - Choose cleaning path based on floor type - Monitor your robot’s cleaning status and remaining battery capacity - Direct your robot to clean certain place - View a cleaning log and more!

Powerful Suction with Optional MAX Mode

DM88 cleans up with a powerful suction motor that includes an additional MAX mode. Use MAX mode to boost the suction power for deep cleaning.

Obstacle Detection Technology

DM88 moves safely in your home with anti-collision sensors to detect obstacles in its path and navigate around them for uninterrupted cleaning. If the sensors detect an obstacle, a signal will be sent to DEEBOT's "brain" to slow down, and select a new path. The cushion bumper provides extra protection to ensure your furniture stay intact.

Interchangeable Suction Options – Ideal for Pet Owners

DM88 has 2 interchangeable suction options. Choose the main brush option for deep cleaning or easily switch to the direct suction option for vacuuming up human and pet hairs without tangling.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

DM88 has four cleaning modes to choose from to efficiently clean almost all of your floors. - AUTO cleaning mode - Spot cleaning mode - Edge cleaning mode - Single room mode

Automatic Charging

No human intervention required! When battery power gets low, DM88 automatically returns to its charging dock, all by itself.

Stair Safety Technology

Thanks to the advanced anti-drop sensors, DM88 cleans up to and around stairs without the risk of falling. If the robot senses a drop-off, it reverses direction and selects a new cleaning path.

Automatic Daily Cleaning

Never come home to dirty floors again! Schedule DM88 to automatically clean at a specific time, even when nobody is home.

Convenient Remote Control

The remote control allows you to conveniently start, pause, and manage the direction of your DM88 from a distance