Capacity: 1.8L
Fuzzy logic control
Smart cooking function
Power: 980W

Price: S$119.00 S$139.00

Save: S$20.00


DIMENSIONS ( W x D x H ) 297.2 x 390.5 x 263.5 mm
WEIGHT 5.0 kg (incl. packaging)


The Philips cooker looks great with temperature control and an extremely durable, cutting-edge 5-layer golden inner pot, which conducts heat evenly for food cooked in the traditional style of big pot


  • 12-hour preset timer ensures rice and meal ready on time

    • There is also a timer function to preset when you want the meal cooked. Press the 'Timer'' button to preset from 2~12 hours. The timer function can be preset up to 12 hours in advance to ensure you can enjoy your meals exactly when you want them

  • The Keep-warm function keeps rice fresh for up to 24 hours

    • Use the Keep-warm function to keep rice or dishes warm for long periods of up to 24 hours, whilst maintaining the food's nutrition and taste. When the cooking process finishes, the rice cooker automatically switches to Keep-warm mode

  • 3D heating for even heating and more effective warm keeping

    • There is heating system surround the rice cooker, including heater assembly on the top, heater assembly all around and main heater assembly on the bottom. 3D heating system for even heating, more effective warm keeping and better baking result

  • Detachable steam vent for easy cleaning

    • Wash the steam vent frequently to remove residual. Simply remove steam vent from the appliance top lid and clean thoroughly

  • Nine food menus for more healthy varieties

    • There are nine selected cooking menu varieties including Standard cook, Quick cook, Ultra-quick cook, Reheating, Congee, Soup, Steam, Cakes and Clay pot rice. The intelligent cooking process enables you to cook great tasty rice with ease

  • Swing handle for easy carrying

    • Convenient and safe to carry the Philips rice cooker away from the kitchen, or to serve rice in dinning room.

  • Extra-thick, non-stick easy to clean, 2.0-mm pot

    • The specially-designed inner pot offers more effective heat conduction. It brings you the traditional "big pot" taste. The extra-thick 2.0-mm, 5-layer golden inner pot ensures even heating.

      • 1. The super-rigid crystal coating is non-stick and anti-scratch, making it easy to clean and highly durable

      • 2. The champagne-gold base effectively increases the heat during cooking

      • 3.The extra-thick alloy pot conducts heat evenly

      • 4. The resin coating protects the alloy and makes the pot firmer and more durable

      • 5. The black outer coating helps to retain heat and keeps your rice warm and fresh

  • Reheat function for fresh rice instantly

    • Put cold rice with some water in the rice cooker and press 'Reheat' button. The rice cooker will reheat the rice for 25 mins. It brings you fresh rice instantly

  • Specially-designed accessories

    • Specially-designed rice spatula and ladle for convenience.