Extended Warranty (Safety 5)

Extended Warranty (Safety 5)

Safety5 Premium Warranty Programme

You can click Here to view our SAFETY5 Premium Warranty Programme Terms & Conditions.

Safety5 Product Failure Warranty Programme

You can click Here to view our SAFETY5 Product Failure Warranty Programme Terms & Conditions.

*Consumer Electronic products for 5 years

*IT products for 3 years.


*For Safety5 Warranty Service, Claim or Enquiry,

You may contact our Customer Care agent @ 6270 8080 between 9:30am to 6:30pm daily or drop us an email to safety5ew@bestdenki.com.sg


*For Online Customer who wishes to purchase our Safety5 Warranty Programme after you have purchased online. 
You may proceed to any of our Retail Outlets, nearest to your location with your online E-sales order to purchase our Safety5 Warranty programme within 7 days of the receipt of the item. Terms and conditions apply. Alternatively, you may drop us an email to shoponline@bestdenki.com.sg