Price: S$399.00


FREQUENCY 20 to 20,000 Hz



Advanced fitness tracking with music playback

Smart B-Trainer makes training efficient and fun by combining advanced fitness tracking with music playback. Use the smartphone app (Smart B-Trainer for Running) to manage training. Whether your goal is losing weight, building stamina, or preparing for a marathon, train with an efficient training cycle (Plan > Training > Review > Next Step) to music and voice guidance to reach it.

Plan - Use the app to select a training menu

Using the Smart B-Trainer for Running app, select training menus for your goals (weight loss, endurance, marathon prep, etc.) and fitness level. Get goals (time, distance, calories consumption, average pace, etc.) for each day, with target heart rates for efficient fat-burning, stamina increasing sessions. Transfer menus to Smart B-Trainer to start training.

Training - Make your training session more fun and efficient

On-board sensors record logs, and Smart B-Trainer periodically plays voice guidance and audio coaching providing information, such as current heart rate and distance run, while you train. Smart B-Trainer automatically plays music matching the tempo for target heart rate and current running conditions, for more efficient and fun training.

Review - Check your training results with the app

After training, transfer recorded logs to the smartphone app to graphically view results in 11 displays. Use 4 different log views (summary data, graphs, lap times, music list) for feedback. For additional motivation and feedback, share training results with friends via social media. Play voice memos recorded while training to keep track of ideas.

Next Step - Learn trends and improvements with the app

Review previous training sessions and compare data such as distance and time by day, month, or other time periods. Use premium training menus for professional coaching advice after each training session. Gain valuable insight to tendencies or changes to apply to future training sessions.

Six types of sensors - Calculate and record running logs

Equipped with six types of sensors (heart rate, accelerometer, GPS, compass, gyroscope, and barometer) in a compact body, Smart B-Trainer calculates and records running logs.

Waterproof - Washable and usable underwater

Smart B-Trainer is JIS/IEC waterproof grade (IPX5/IPX8) equivalent. Continue using Smart B-Trainer through sweat, rain, or washings.

16 GB - Load up to about 3900 songs

Transfer up to about 3900 songs to internal memory (16 GB). Smart B-Trainer uses running data to automatically play music matching the tempo of your training, without the need to carry other devices such as a smartphone.