Trackball mouse
Thumb use/8 buttons
multi way connection
Durable switch/Black

Price: S$129.00




We adopt longer life parts and realize three years for term of a guarantee. Heiss peck model "EX-G PRO" of thumb operation type track ball which accomplished evolution more.

Thumb operation type that we ride palm and are easy to operate

It is thumb operation type that we ride palm and are easy to operate.

Support ball made of population ruby selected carefully

We adopt large artificial ruby of 2.5mm in diameter to support ball. A feeling of chastity ball improves only thing that the surface is smooth markedly by using support ball of highest grade quality that selected carefully. Again of support ball, by enlarging in diameter, support ball is hard to be buried among garbage such as dirt from the hands, and reduce maintenance frequency.

Ultimate pointer flattery performance

To sensor detecting movement of track ball, we adopt high-performance optics-type sensor of gaming grade and thoroughly analyze color of track ball which is most suitable for the optical sensor, thickness of the class of coating and realize ultimate pointer flattery characteristics.

High durability wheel encoder of optics design

Wheel scroll does not have abrasion of parts at the time of operation and adopts superior optical encoder superior in durability performance.

8 button + pulse tilt wheels

Of in addition to button which "advance, and returns" right and left button pulse tilt wheel, three is equipped with 8 buttons of function allocation button. It is equipped with 8 buttons and right and left scrolling-response pulse tilt wheel and can assign favorite function to two directions of all buttons and pulse tilt wheels, ten places in total.

It supports function allocation

Function allocation of button is modifiable using "ELECOM mouse assistant" which we can download free.

Three selectable Connection method

Cable for wiring and wireless receiver are attached and are selectable from three connection method of Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth® to use environment. When we wire using supplied cable, battery is unnecessary.

It supports Bluetooth®4.0

Bluetooth® connection supports Bluetooth®4.0.

Nano receiver adoption of 1 yen coin Dimensions

It is 1 yen ball Dimensions which is portable with putting on without being interested even if wireless receiver is connected to Universal Serial Bus port of note PC. In addition, it is convenient for carrying around and reduces worry to lose receiver as we can store receiver in Mouse:.

10 million times of high durability Switch made in OMRON company

It possesses high reliability and, on right and left button, adopts 10 million times of high durability Switch which is made in OMRON company with reputation in a feeling of click in durability performance.

Power switch

There is power switch on the back of the body and can prevent consumption of battery in nonuse.

Pointer speed alteration switch

We can change pen up speed of pointer with three phases of 500/1000/1500 count. We can let you memorize speed that you set every connection method.

Battery residual quantity indicator lamp

It is equipped with battery residual quantity indicator lamp to tell about exchange time of battery.

Design that we are easy to maintain

We can easily remove ball from hole of the back side and are design that is easy to maintain ball and internal ball tray.

Term of a guarantee of 3 years

We realize three years for term of a guarantee by adopting longer life parts.