MKA-11R (EDIT. 2) B.Blue

Gaming Keyboard
Mechanical Switches
Kevlartech keycaps
RGB Lights˙
2 years warranty

Price: S$79.90


MODEL MKA-11R (EDIT. 2) B.Blue
Total Travel

3.60 ~ 4.00mm

Work Travel 2.20 +- 0.6 mm
Workforce 50 +- 5gf
Tactile/Operating Force 60 +- 5gf
Tactile Travel 1.8mm
Trigger Force Min 30gf, Max 65gf
Keyboard Form Factor

Top Panel: High-quality polypropylene with brush metal finish

Keycaps: 104 x Kevlartech High-Quality Keycaps with lifetime fade proof warranty

Cable Length 1.8M
LED indicator 1 x Numlock, 1 x Caps Lock, 1 X Scroll Lock


If you’re looking for pinpoint accuracy, extreme comfort or just the feel of total world domination at your fingertips, the RGB Raptor MKA-11R is just the keyboard for you! It features high quality switches with high accuracy and tactility.

Explore a world of lightning fast response and addictive tactility with Armaggeddon’s latest range of 3 segment mechanical keyboards.

Designed for gamers with a larger gaming surface, the RGB Raptor MKA-11R features both the satisfying crunch of the high quality Brown & Blue switches, and the seamless feel of the Black & Red switches.

Enjoy gaming with a higher accuracy and for longer durations with less pressure on your fingers.

Key Features

  • High quality switches that can last for up to 50 million operations
  • 3 segments with 104 mechanical switches built-in with backlight effects
  • Unique "Maldives Blue" LED backlight
  • 6 fully macro-able™ keys
  • Adjustable keys effective time in 7 speed transmission from 1ms - 16ms
  • Adjustable polling rate : 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz
  • Multimedia keys with built-in program
  • Adjustable keys response time
  • Adjustable backlighting effects on keyboard button
  • Characteristic keycaps for WASD and arrow keys
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows Key
  • 1.8m multiflex cord wrapped with ultra-durable cable jacket
  • 1 Megabyte Built-in onboard memory
  • USB coard management system designed for your convenience