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Price: S$29.90


PRODUCT TYPE Mac Accessories


Elecom TB-A18MFLAPLL iPad Pro 11" Anti-Glare Film

It is LCD protective film of anti-fingerprint paper like Anti-reflective type to protect LCD screen of model from wound and dirt in iPad Pro 11 inches 2018. Drew on Kent paper with pencil by special surface shape design; describe, and realize feeling.

  • It is airless type that adopted special adsorption layer that bubble is not outstanding with passage of time.
  • When small bubble was made, we can pull bubble by pushing with fingers.
  • We can use touch pen for a long time to reduce 50% of abrasion of pen point. 
  • We give anti-fingerprint coating that there interferes with being in fingerprint dirt.
  • By hard court processing of pencil hardness 3H, we prevent wound of the Film surface. 
  • We are putting Film, and touch screen input, body operation are possible.
  • We coat silicone skin on pasting up side and are self adsorption type that sticks without using adhesive and double-stick tape, and is possible. It is easy to put and we put again and are possible.
  • As we have been cut by Dimensions which is good to terminal, we take out of the package and are available immediately.
  • Exclusive Hera who can put Film neatly and cleaning cross, Dust removal sticker are attached.