Appealing contact grill design in classical
retro style
5-step height adjustment in contact
grill position
Infinitely variable temperature control
via thermostat
Non-stick coated grill plates; removable
for easy cleaning
Stable 1.8 liter glass jug with detachable
Superior 2-layer XylanÓ non-stick coating
for best grilling results
Super easy cleaning
Heat-insulated handle for a safe handling
Pilot lamp; overheating protection
grill plate: 29 x 23 cm each

Price: S$179.00 S$249.00

Save: S$70.00


DIMENSIONS ( W x D x H ) Approx.19.5 x 22.5 x 8.5 cm
WEIGHT Approx. 4.5 Kg


Versatile and solid for healthy grilling!

Whether in the kitchen or in the garden, whether on a balcony or terrace - this versatile grilling grilling is ready in just a few minutes. Due to the variable grill plates, this appliance is not only suitable for classic contact grills, but also for overbaking and open grilling:

  • Grilling in "contact grill" position: the direct heat transfer ensures short cooking times, the grilled food gets the popular grill strips.
  • Toasting in the "baking" position: gratinize quickly and easily! Baguettes, toasts, vegetables or meat succeed perfectly.
  • Grillspass on the "grill": the grill area is doubled by opening up and in no time the appliance can be used as a table grill and party grill.

High-quality materials, well-thought-out design and easy operation are the features of this model. Thanks to the 5-fold height adjustment, the device can be flexibly adapted to the strength of the food to be grilled during contact grills. The non-stick coated grill plates ensure low-fat grilling in any position, excess grease is discharged into an integrated collecting tray. For easy cleaning, the grill plates can also be removed. This contact grill is a practical multitalent and an indispensable helper for all who value a healthy, low-fat and tasty diet!

  • Classically beautiful contact grill design
  • Grill temperature adjustable via thermostat
  • With on / off switch, overheat protection and control lamps
  • Grill plates non-stick coated, removable for easy cleaning
  • Contact grills: grill area 29 x 23 cm

As table and party grill

To overbake

As a contact grill

High quality non-stick coating Xylan Plus

High quality stainless steel case

5-fold height adjustment

For flexible adaptation to the strength of the food to be grilled during contact grilling

Fat drain

For healthy grilling