Price: S$89.90


MODEL XL4901S/90


Comfortable and simple


  • 1.9" display/ white backlight
  • Handset speakerphone

  • 4.8cm (1.9") high contrasted graphical display

    4.8cm (1.9") high contrasted graphical display with white backlight

  • Advanced privacy: black list, silence mode, call barring*

    Black list restricts receiving calls from specific numbers or starting with certain digits. You can block 4 sets of numbers. Each set of numbers can consist between 1 to 24 digits. When there is an incoming call that starts with one of these numbers or being one of 4 exact Caller numbers. With silence mode you can disable the ringtones for specific times. Thanks to Call barring you can avoid expensive phone bill surprises by blocking calls to specific numbers starting with certain digits. Anonymous Call restricts incoming calls with hidden numbers. The phone will not ring.

  • Caller ID – so you always know who is calling*

    Sometimes it is good to know who is calling before you answer. And our Caller ID lets you keep track of who is on the other end of the line.

  • Hearing aid compatible - reduces unwanted noise

    Hearing aid compatible - reduces unwanted noise

  • Keypad backlight for fast access even in dark room

    The soft amber backlight makes keys easy to read in low light conditions and at night.

  • Two-field entries for assigning 2 numbers to one contact

    These days most people have multiple contact numbers. Our contact list makes it easier for you to manage your phone contacts. Simply save two phone numbersout of a choice of three different field names for home, work or mobile.

  • One touch volume boost for extra loud sound

    Do you sometimes wish a caller could speak a little louder? With the one touch volume boost key, you can instantly increase the volume by over 12dB* at the earpiece and over 8dB* at the handsfree speaker. Now you can hear every word and tone loud and clear. No conversation will be misunderstood ever again. *measurement is based on the lowest volume level to the maximum boost up volume level. Users are advised not to put the handset close to the ear when the boost up key is first pressed. Boost up volume will return to normal by ending the call.

  • Instantly call your loved ones via 3 direct memory keys

    Now calling the people you care about most is easier than ever. With simple one-touch dialing, you will never have to search for their number again, connecting at the touch of a button.

  • Handset speakerphone allows you to talk handsfree

    Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or simply multitask.