Dect W/Caller ID
Baby Monitor

Price: S$89.00




Long Life Battery

Talk for extended durations 
A large capacity battery enables a maximum talk time of 16 hours so you can talk for extended durations. The handset can also be left for approximately 8 days without calling.

DECT Security

Protect calls 
Communications between the cordless handset and base unit are encrypted, and the encryption password is periodically changed to maintain a high level of security. 
* DECT SECURITY is the trademark of DECT Forum. The trademark may only be applied to products with the written licence of DECT Forum.

Nuisance Call Block

Reduce unwanted calls such as telemarketers
You can block any specified number, as well as any head string of 2 to 8 digits matching your specified numbers or numberless calls

Power Back-Up Operation

You can even use the phone during a power failure 
During an electric power failure, you can supply the power stored in your handset to the base unit, so you can make calls for a certain period of time even when the power is out.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Never disturb your sound sleep despite staying available to your important ones
Each handset can be programmed to prevent ringing during specific periods. However, the sound of the special callers by placing them in a contacts group of the phonebook can be turned on.* 
* Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/telephone company.

Eco Function

Power Back-Up Operation

Nuisance Call Block