Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation

Material Using For Installation

1. Insulation

Standard Size : 3/8 inch (9.52mm)

Upsize insulation : 1/2 inch ( 12.7mm)

Brand : Thermaflex Class O made in Thailand(PE foam ) or Armaflex Class 1 (Rubber )

PE Foams are fire retardant, but rubber creates a very toxic black smoke which contains halogen. PE is suitable for temperatures up to 250 F (120C). Rubber shrinks by more than 25% at the boiling point of water; PE only 3%. Rubber for cold pipes is not a good idea either as the inevitable condensation reacts with the chloride to create hydro-chloric acid and that corrodes the pipes. PE for cold pipes. Will last about 6 years in UV. Synthetic rubber(armaflex, armacell) for really hot pipes. It will get brittle and looses R-value with time. Will last about 10 years in UV.  Fiberglass? You mean "the other asbestos"? You can't use that for cold applications as the condensation will be absorbed by the material. Use PE Foam. Lasts forever. Safe and clean and non-toxic.

2. Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe

3. Drainage Pipe


4. Truncking  


Size : 
60 x 40MM
75 X 50MM
80 X 40MM
80 X 50MM
100 X 40MM
100 X 50MM
100 X 60MM
120 X 60MM
120 X 80MM
150 X 50MM
200 X 100MM

5. Wire Cable

6. Vacuum the system

Air conditioning vacuum pump is used to remove unwanted air and water vapor from the air conditioning system when it is under service.
The evacuation process is the next step in which the vacuum pump is used to remove the air and moisture from the refrigerant system.